Palm Tree Removal Cost

Removing My Palm Tree

Areas of Greater Sydney is home to various species of palm trees giving the area a tropical look and feel, and prove to be popular amongst residents in the coastal regions. Ranging in size and hardiness, they all have one thing in common – they require a reasonable amount of maintenance with the regular dropping of fruit and palm fronds. As a palm grows taller, they lose their lower fronds. To maintain an attractive looking palm, these dying fronds should be removed, which requires a professional to do so safely.

However, having a palm on their property isn’t for everyone, and some homeowners feel that their home may be suited without a palm for a variety of reasons. If this is the case, Sydney Palm Removal has you covered!

When a client contacts us for the first time, the first thing they ask is “how much will palm tree removal cost?”, And while we’d love to be able to give everyone the same answer, it’s near impossible. Our team offers free quotes, and once this has been completed, we will be able to determine the overall cost of the project.

We’ve listed a list of some of the things we take into consideration when quoting a client below:

Proximity to Power Lines

Each of our team members are fully trained and authorised to work close to all types of power lines. This task is dangerous and should never be undertaken by an inexperienced or unqualified person.

In the case of your palm being located near power lines, extra care and specialist equipment may be needed, all of which is reflected in the overall price.

With a majority of jobs, the power will not be required to be switched off while we remove the tree. However, if a power outage is required, our team will assist you throughout the process with the service provider.

Palm Size

The size of your palm will determine the time, the number of workers and specialist machinery required to remove the tree successfully, this is then reflected in the cost.

Palm Condition

Healthy palms tend to be stronger and denser, therefore, making it harder and more time to consume to remove than a palm that is dead, dying or hollow.

Accessibility to The Site

Ease of access to the base of the palm with contributes to the cost of a Palm Tree Removal in Sydney. It is important that our team can access the base of the palm with ease to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

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