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What is Palm Tree Shaving in Sydney

Situated with one of the most appealing climates in the world, Sydney is home to local flora that perfectly creates an atmosphere the city is known for. Among these local trees, is the palm tree, known for being found in tropical cities around the world. If you live in Sydney and have a palm tree on your property, to retain the look and feel of your yard, correct palm tree shaving is essential.

Palm tree shaving focuses on the trunk, or stem of the palm, and keeping it looking the healthiest possible. The old frond bases remain on the tree and are ever present at the very base of the tree as it continues to grow. The inexperienced removal of these old fronds and leaf bases can be tedious and dangerous, and should always be undertaken by a professional.

Our team can come in and ensure that your palm tree has a ‘clean’ look from the bottom to the top. Starting at the base, our professionals will cut off these old facets of the tree with knives and other specialised equipment, and slowly work up the stem, leading right up to the healthy fronds and thicker space of the trunk at the peak. Our team will remove what we cutaway, effectively leaving you with a clean and tidy palm.

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Why do I need palm tree shaving?

There are a number of reasons for undertaking palm tree shaving, and most owners elect to undertake palm tree maintenance for aesthetic purposes. A palm tree is a fantastic feature for your yard, and if it remains well kept, it can entice prospective buyers to select your home based on aesthetic appeal in the future.

Palm tree shaving will also keep your yard tidy, as old fronds will not drop and create more mess for you to take care off. Some leaf bases that remain on the truck are attractive to birds, especially in tropical areas like Sydney, and therefore can bring in unwanted wildlife into your yard which can lead to excessive noise throughout the day.

Everyone wants their yard to look amazing, especially when guests are coming over, and there is no better way to bring life to your outdoor area than having a healthy palm tree. So if you have a palm in dire need of some TLC, give our team a call and ask about our palm tree shaving services. We can be in and out and leave your tree looking brand new in no time!

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